Golf in the Lake District

I’ve joined Windermere Golf Club 🙂 Which might seem odd, given that my local golf club is 5 minutes away, and Windermere is a 30 minute drive. Here’s why … A few months ago on the way back to Ulverston, after playing Beckside, we decided to call in at Windermere, just to see what sort […]

Its Been Driving me Mad

So I’ve been at the driving range … A  lot Practicing with my driver and trying to develop repeatable accuracy, with some success On the 15th my golfing buddies were unavailable, so I persuaded an old climbing mate to join me for a round at Beckside Golf Club Frank had only ever played pitch n […]

Tour Edge Geomax 2 Bazooka Driver Review

The review is further down the page if you want to just skip to it. What follows are the reasons why I bought the driver. It’s been driving me mad … Trying to get off the tee, with decent distance and accuracy As I’ve previously reported, I’ve tried using woods off the tee and done […]

MD Golf Clubs Review

As I’ve previously mentioned, the Mizuno irons that I’ve been using have a bit of a problem, so I’ve bought a new set of MD Golf Superstrong ST2 Irons 5 -PW That’s 5,6,7,8and 9 irons, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge in case like me you’re just becoming familiar with golfing terms. Why did […]

1 Par Doesn’t Make a Round

So I had my last golf lesson in a 6 lesson series on Friday and it was back to the video analysis … First up, my grip was still poor, with my right hand slipping clockwise And my backswing looked er, random And the follow through was awkward at best, with me leaning backwards And […]

Managing the Transition – Just How Do You Practice That?

One thing that I’ve noticed about golf is how the different stages of playing a hole mess with your head … First up, you’re on the tee with perhaps 500 yards of course ahead of you and the pin out of sight All your instincts tell you to hit the ball very hard and as […]

Hit me for 6

After yesterday’s transition training, I headed to Barrow Golf Club this afternoon for a round with Andrew Turner, owner of Hartley’s Restaurant in Dalton and provider of catering to the club. But first I was happy to receive some belated birthday gifts from my daughter Sophie and a Calloway golf cap from Helen. It’s great […]

I am Probably the Worst Golfer in the World

  Unless you can tell me different? As you know I’ve been having some trouble hitting the ball off the tee … So at my 30 minute lesson on Friday I asked the pro for some driving tuition and found out that my grip had slipped Badly So we sorted that out and I hit […]

Can You Call This Progress

After returning from Spain, the three of us spent a number of evenings at the local 10 hole pitch n putt at Rampside – usually going round twice for £6. I can only find 3 scorecards from those outings with my scores being 110 and 103 twice, Mikes scores were 80 and 75 and Gez […]

A golfing beginner

I don’t know how people generally start playing golf. There are natural barriers to entry in terms of the equipment needed, the cost, and the fact that you can’t just walk onto a golf course and have a go. I guess a lot of people follow their parents into the game and start at a […]