Golf Lessons

I’m a relative expert, on golf lessons … Firstly, everyone I’ve ever played with who’s better than me has offered me advice And I’m thankful for it Second, after today, the number of professionals that I’ve taken lessons from totals three, so I think I’m now qualified to make an assessment on them And me […]

It Don’t Mean a Thing if you Ain’t got that Swing

Time for an update on my progress. I’ve played maybe a dozen rounds in total at Windermere, Grange over Sands and Ulverston and I tend to card in the 121 to 127 range, so consistantly poor. Occasionally I’ll par a hole and/or have a run of maybe 3 to 5 holes where I’m around 2 […]

Managing the Transition – Just How Do You Practice That?

One thing that I’ve noticed about golf is how the different stages of playing a hole mess with your head … First up, you’re on the tee with perhaps 500 yards of course ahead of you and the pin out of sight All your instincts tell you to hit the ball very hard and as […]