Tour Edge Geomax 2 Bazooka Driver Review

The review is further down the page if you want to just skip to it. What follows are the reasons why I bought the driver. It’s been driving me mad … Trying to get off the tee, with decent distance and accuracy As I’ve previously reported, I’ve tried using woods off the tee and done […]

MD Golf Clubs Review

As I’ve previously mentioned, the Mizuno irons that I’ve been using have a bit of a problem, so I’ve bought a new set of MD Golf Superstrong ST2 Irons 5 -PW That’s 5,6,7,8and 9 irons, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge in case like me you’re just becoming familiar with golfing terms. Why did […]

What’s in My Bag

I don’t know how the majority of beginners choose their first set of clubs. Maybe they buy a set online, maybe the local pro sells them a set if they take lessons before they start; here’s how it worked out for me. I’d better start by saying that I know nothing about golf club manufacturers, […]